Our Values

Equity and Inclusion

We believe that we can only realize our full potential through the creation of opportunity according to individual needs and the celebration of our diversity.


We believe that our community deserves equal access to quality services and resources.


We believe in standing alongside movements for justice.


We believe in amplifying the voices and priorities of those who have historically been silenced or ignored.


We believe that the current system is functioning exactly how it was designed, and we must actively disrupt it.


We believe that community change happens through strong, honest, respectful relationships.

Our Steering Committee

Headshot photograph of Javier Cervantes.
Javier Cervantes

I am involved with the LCC because I want to continue to connect the dots in the community and help people reach their potential. Together, we can and will make a difference. Si se puede!

Headshot photograph of Ana Devereaux.
Ana Devereaux

Being in the LCC has allowed me to grow and contribute in the context of authentic relationships within the amazing latinx community of greater Grand Rapids. The LCC is a unique and warm group of people that has helped me find my place and is involved in thoughtful and important work that I am so proud to be a part of.

Headshot photograph of Veronica Quintino Aranda.
Veronica Quintino-Aranda

I joined the LCC because of relationship and advocacy. LCC provided me a space to build strong, authentic relationships with Latinos who’s personal mission and vision is to advocate for our Latinx community within institutions…together creating change.


Headshot photograph of Sergio Cira Reyes.
Sergio Cira Reyes

I joined the LCC because I believe in the enormous potential of our people and our institutions. I love steering our work toward a dignified quality of life, leading with our experience, our culture, and talent as our strengths.

Headshot photograph of Erika VanDyke.
Erika VanDyke

The LCC is how I got connected in Grand Rapids—it’s how I found my community. I stay involved because we all deserve to be surrounded by a network of people who care about us, and are working for our success in a world that so often pushes us down.

Eleanor Moreno

The Latino Community Coalition provides a place where I can just be. I can speak Spanish, great people like I would in my own family and now, to be a part of the committee means I get to offer space to the next leaders to just be who they are and bring their full selves.

Jack Boitel

The opportunity to join the LCC is one that I’m passionate about to advocate for and help realize the full potential of the Latinx community. I’m excited to empower the next generation of Latinx leaders, student activists, and the entire Latinx community in their journey for social justice.

Candy Isabel

I joined the LCC because of community and advocacy. The LCC provides a space for me to grow, learn and most importantly advocate for the GR Latinx community. I enjoy working alongside like-minded people to push and change the narrative of our people. Empowering the Latinx community and seeing us thrive is my why.

Our Story

A group of people stand in a circle talking.

The Latino Community Coalition started meeting regularly in 2006 as a place for Latino professionals and service providers to share resources and opportunities benefiting their Latino client base. For many years, these monthly meetings were a place for newcomers to Grand Rapids or to nonprofit work could come to get connected to other Latinos. Job opportunities and events were shared weekly with anyone who signed up to receive them.

The LCC has expanded its mission to take a more proactive approach to shape the future of Latinos in West Michigan. In September, 2016, we held our inaugural Latino Placemaking speaker series, and in August 2017, our first candidate forum. Our speaker series is now an annual event and we have held more forums with candidates for a variety of office. We continue to use our monthly luncheons to create platforms for Latino professionals to connect and collaborate.

As one of the Latino voices in West Michigan, we look to the community to shape how we advocate for our collective priorities. Today, the LCC is influential in key decisions taking place related to diversity, equity, and inclusion of the Latino community in West Michigan. We are accountability partners, walking alongside organizations and institutions to improve the quality of service for our community. We believe in the power and potential of our community, and we are proud to work for their advancement.